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Staying Young: Torah Lessons from Baseball

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

As the World Series is coming to a close, I noticed something strange about my feelings for the loser of the ALCS. Growing up in Atlanta, I have developed a strong hatred for the pinstriped Bronx bombers. Year after year, I would find myself hopeful of another championship for my city only to have those hopes ruined by the invincible, powerful, and deep-pocketed Yankees. This feeling is shared with many baseball fans across the country. You either love the Yankees or hate them, there is no neutral feelings. This year, however, I noticed a change. I no longer felt any animosity or frustration even as they started winning games and made the playoffs. It seems that I am not alone. The youth and infectious exuberance that Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and co. brought to the table throughout the season swept many Yankee haters off their feet and opened up a new era of baseball. Gone is the professionalism and seriousness. The constant addition of established veterans is no more. There is this core of energetic, friendly, and fun-loving kids guiding and setting the tone for New York. We all go through the natural procession of life beginning full of energy, passion, and dreams and then slowly maturing as we grow more serious and responsible. Youth carries with it a tremendous amount of potential. As a group of young professionals, we need to be aware that now is our time to shine. Act when you still have the strength and energy to do so. Your decisions now will affect your future in a profound and important way. Do not wait until you are over the hill and take on something new. Reach out to your synagogue and offer a hand, be there for your community, develop and cultivate meaningful relationships with your families, friends and G-d. Be like the Yankees and take on the world with your youth and reap the benefits of this time period of our lives that is slowly ebbing away.

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