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A Powerful Leader: Torah Lessons in Fantasy Football

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Week one of the NFL season brought devastating news to at least one member of every fantasy league in the nation and also to the Arizona Cardinals. David Johnson, the third year back and fantasy league superstar, dislocated his wrist on a 24-yard catch against the Lions in the third quarter and had surgery to repair it. He was placed in IR and cannot return until week 8, earliest. Fantasy league owners that picked Johnson and assumed they had the RB position locked down now are scrambling to attempt to fill his void. The Cardinals are also in really bad shape and barely eked out a win against the “Luck”less Colts in OT, relying heavily on the aging Carson Palmer.

There is a powerful lesson in this story line. The effect of a leader is obvious and as we approach the holy day of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, a day that G-d takes stock of the world He runs, we should work at internalizing this message. If it is clear that you are crucial to those around you and they count on you to be better, more productive people, than G-d will grant you health and comfort to keep you going strong. If you can ensure that in your family, community, or synagogue that you are a key player to assisting those around you to be effective in their maximizing their potential and helping them connect to G-d, then that itself is reason for another season in the league of life.

May we all merit a healthy, happy, and successful year together!

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